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Director of Quality & Clinical Governance

Sabrina Scandurra

Director of Quality & Clinical Governance

Sabrina Scandurra is Director of Quality & Clinical Governance at Montefiore Residential Care. 

With over 20 years’ experience in the aged care sector Sabrina leads the organisation on issues such as clinical governance, clinical education, infection control, quality and compliance and clinical risk management. 

Her specialist team includes nurse practitioner(s), clinical educators, Registered Nurses and Infection Prevention and Control leads. 

With her strategic direction, the team ensures that legislative and best practice standards are translated to policies, procedures, education and to care. 

Sabrina’s qualifications in Nursing (Bachelor of Nursing, University of Sydney) and Occupational Therapy (Master Occupational Therapy, University of Sydney) and her experience working as both a RN and an OT (in UK and Sydney) have given her an excellent skill set that has enabled her to develop her passion for healthy ageing in both residential and home care roles.

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